Opportunity in Galactic Turmoil

After a cataclysmic explosion rips through Sol and nearby systems, the Galactic Empire is rapidly decaying. Corruption and piracy run rampant. But where there is chaos, there is also opportunity.

Seize that opportunity for yourself in this freeform space trading and mercenary game: buy newer and stronger ships, hire pilots to grow your fleet, or help a faction achieve its goals. Get credits to use toward your goal by delivering cargo, hunting bounties, ferrying passengers, or even turning to piracy. The choice is yours. Along the way, you will help decide the future of the galaxy.

Naikari is free and open source; download Naikari and give it a try! Welcome to the eye of the Imperial storm.…

Content Warning

While Naikari is not the most heavy game out there, it is not a light game either and deals with some heavy subjects. We believe it is generally suitable for people aged 13 and up. Please keep in mind that the game includes the following: